Transgender Floridian Mutual Aid

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Mutual Aid

If you have the money, please consider donating to the individuals below. All links have been sourced from trusted indivduals in our community.

All fundraisers are sorted by brackets depending on the amount of money raised at the time of update, this is to help disperse funds evenly between our community. This does not take into account financial status, outside aid, amount of people, etc., so take it as you will.

Last Updated: 8/7/23

Under $100 ($0-$100 Raised)

Help a Disabled Trans Man Escape Florida!

Help a Florida Girl in Need

Exodus to Oregon

Help Juno, Sarry and Lillie leave Florida

Exodus: Transfemme needs to flee Desantis, Florida

Operation: GTFO of Florida

Under $200 ($101-$200 Raised)

Help Skye leave Florida

Help Daymein Leave Florida

Help Cres Escape Fascist Florida

Under $500 ($201-$500 Raised)

Help My Family and I Escape Florida

Oliver move out of Florida (Trans & queer man)

Help Ridley Relocate Somewhere LGBTQ Safe!

Relocating from Florida to Chicago

Two trans people escape Florida

Trans Kids Have Rights- Help Us Leave Florida

Help a transmasc escape from Florida

Alice's Escape to Safety

Please help this trans family flee from Florida

Black trans man & his grandma need help

Help a disabled trans person flee Florida

Under $1,000 ($501-$1,000 Raised)

Help 2 Trans Floridians Escape Florida

Help a trans guy leave FL

Help a trans couple leave Florida

Donate to help me relocate out of Florida

Raise funds to move to a safer place

Help a trans woman get out of Florida

Moving out of Florida

Help Me Move For College

JadriƩls Moving to Oregon

Under $2,000 ($1,001-$2,000 Raised)

Help our little family move to New Jersey!!!

Help me get out of Florida fund

Help A Trans Floridian Start Over

Desperate to flee Florida

Help Ozzy Escape Florida - My personal fundraiser!

help trans furry lesbians escape florida

Escape a Dangerous State

Help Ally Flee Florida

Help a Mother and Her Trans Son Flee Florida

Escaping Florida for Canada with my Fiance

Fleeing Florida


Help Claire and Bereniz Leave Florida

Moving from Florida tip jar

help bonnie leave florida!

Help Robin move to a safer place for transition

Under $5,000 ($2,001-$5,000 Raised)

Help Us Move To Escape Florida Anti-Trans Laws

Moving Costs to leave Florida, Summer 2023

Transgender teacher & spouse fleeing Florida

Fleeing Florida Fund

We're fleeing Florida and we need help

Help disabled trans man escape Florida

Help a Trans Girl Escape Florida

Help a young, queer couple get out of the US

EMERGENCY Trans fund to leave Florida

help queer lady & her trans husband leave Florida!

Escaping Florida fund!!! (URGENT)

Help a trans woman flee Florida

Getting from Florida to Washington

Help Ace and Shi Relocate

Help Trans kid and family flee Florida.

Vyne get out of Florida

Help a black trans man leave Florida

Moving Expenses

Safe Landing in a safe Land

Under $10,000 ($5,0001-$10,000 Raised)

Help Moving to Oregon to Escape Trans Hate

Trans man and family emergency relocation

Help us leave Florida due to Anti Trans Laws

Help a struggling transgirl creative flee Florida

Transgender Woman Fleeing Florida